Canadian films

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Canadian films

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James Freer is recognized as the first Canadian filmmaker. A farmer from Manitobahis documentaries were shown as early as and were toured across Englandunder the title Ten Years in Manitobain an effort to promote immigration to Manitoba.

Inthe province of Ontario established the Ontario Motion Picture Bureau"to carry out educational work for farmers, school children, factory workers, and other classes. The Cinematograph Films Act established a quota of films that had to be shown in British cinemas that would be shot in Great Britain as well as nations in the British Empire that stimulated Canadian film production.

However the Cinematograph Films Act mollified the British film industry by specifying only films made by and shot in Great Britain would be included in the quota, an act that severely reduced Canadian film production [6] Inthe Government of Canada invited John Griersona British film critic and film-maker, to study the state of the government's film production and this led to the National Film Act of and the establishment of the National Film Board of Canadaan agency of the Canadian government.

In part, it was founded to create propaganda in support of the Second World War, and the National Film Act of gave it the mandate "to interpret Canada to Canadian films and to other nations. Federal government measures as early asand through the s and s, aimed to foster the development of a feature film industry in Canada; in the Canadian Film Development Corporation was established later to become Telefilm Canada and an effort to stimulate domestic production through tax shelters peaked in the late s see Meatballs below.

Contemporary production and distribution[ edit ] As in all cinema, the line between broadcast and cinema continues to be blurred in Canada as the means of production and distribution converge. A typical Canadian film production is made with money from a complex array of government funding and incentives, Canadian films mandated funds from broadcasters, broadcasters themselves, and film distributors.

International co-productions are increasingly important for Canadian producers. Smaller films are often funded by arts councils at all levels of government and film collectives. The National Film Board of Canada is internationally renowned for its animation and documentary production.

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More recently it has been criticized for its increasingly commercial orientation; only one third of its budget is now spent on the production of new films. The major production centres are TorontoMontreal and Vancouver.

InToronto ranked third in North America, behind only Los Angeles and New York Cityin total industry production; [7] however, for several years previous, Vancouver's industry outputs exceeded those for Toronto. Alliance Atlantis acquired by CanWest Global Communications in is the major Canadian distributor of American and international films and in it ceased to produce films and almost all television to focus almost exclusively on distribution.

Lions Gate Entertainment has also become a major distributor in recent years. Distribution continues to be a problem for Canadian filmmakers, though an established network of film festivals also provide important marketing and audience exposure for Canadian films.

The major festival is the Toronto International Film Festivalconsidered one of the most important events in North American film, showcasing Hollywood films, cinema from around the world, and Canadian film. One This Hour Has 22 Minutes sketch parodied an Atom Egoyan -like director whose films had won numerous international awards, but had never actually been released or exhibited.

French-Canadian films, on the other hand, are often more successful—as with French-language television, the language difference makes Quebec audiences much more receptive to Canadian-produced films.

In most years, the top-grossing Canadian film is a French-language film from Quebec. See also Cinema of Quebec. By comparison, Australian filmsmade in a country with a smaller population than Canada's, more frequently make their money back from the domestic market. Although many Canadians have made their names in Hollywoodthey have often started their careers in Los Angelesdespite TorontoVancouver or Montreal being thriving filmmaking centres in their own right.

Canadian films

Some actors or directors who have started their early careers in Canada include: However, despite these successes, several actors have favoured moving to Los Angeles to further pursue their careers.

Canada's difficulties in the film industry are often difficult to explain. The following explanations have been proposed for why Canadian films and television have often failed completely to find an export market: In addition, films which are sometimes designated as "American" productions often involve a higher-percentage of Canadian participation but the "American" designation is favoured for tax purposes.

Also, unlike other countries who tend to have citizens with discernible accents, the American media too rarely highlights or identifies actors, actresses, directors or producers as Canadian in origin, leaving the false perception that few Canadians work in the industry.

Canada's film industry competes directly with that of the United States. Production costs between the two countries are similar they are lower in Australia meaning that Canadian films often need a budget equal to that of an American film of similar quality.

Canadian film studios rarely, if ever, have the budgets to make films that can directly compete with the most popular Hollywood fare. Instead, the vast majority of Canadian films are character-driven dramas or quirky comedies of the type that often appeal to critics and art house film audiences more than to mass audiences.

As such, many films were produced merely for tax purposes, and quality became unimportant. For example, producers of Canadian films were allowed to take a fee out of the production costs, something that is not allowed in the United States, where producers may only take a fee once the film earns back its production costs the exact situation that drove the plot line in The Producers.

While British, Australian and American filmmakers embrace their cultural heritage in film, Canadian films often have no discernible connection to Canada.

It often comes as a surprise to many people that movies like Porky'sChildren of a Lesser God and The Art of War were partially produced in Canada, as they are indistinguishable from films made entirely in the United States.

When there are major Canadian productions, the lead roles often go to American or British actors.Get Hot Docs Email Updates. Keep up-to-date with the latest news from Hot Docs and the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. Welcome to your new life in Canada: 10 tips for first week, month and year. A Jewish Film Archive Online containing descriptions of over films and videos of Jewish / Israel interest.

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