Edgar allan poe research paper conclusion

Edgar Allan Poe was a bizarre and often scary writer. People throughout history have often wondered why his writings were so fantastically different and unusual.

Edgar allan poe research paper conclusion

He, who wanted so badly to shine and to be admired, repeatedly created the conditions i which he was sure to be pitied, snubbed, insulted, and humiliated. Notoriously, he sought the bottle for a companion in hiss retreat from reality; and the fact that he was no habitual drunkard supports rather than impugns this truth about his character.

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He felt tempted by alcohol in any moment of emotional upheaval, even one of optimism or exaltation. When he was two years old, the father of the family, David Poe, disappeared, leaving the mother trapped in a predicament that might be called tragic or pathetic if it did not beggar adjectives like these.

She were the circumstances in which her daughter, Rosalie Poe, was born. She contributed something to the creation of his young, beautiful, gifted, delicate, doomed heroines like Madeline Usher.

Beyond that he avoided the subject of his motherstopping short with the observation based on his age when she died: Lifted from sordid surroundings when the John Allans took him in, he knew a comfortable life until crushing disappointment hurled him back into the mire, all the more deeply for his having learned what it felt like to be out of it.

Legally he had no redress when John Allan cut him without a penny. He excelled in his studies, but they had to compete with cards and liquor. He was not a real gambler, nor was he a particularly good drinker later in life a glass of wine would make him tipsy.

But he was a convivial companion who fell easily into the standard university life of the Virginia gentry, with the result that he soon ran up gambling debts that he could not pay, that John Allan would not pay. His objective is to elevate the souls of his readers by suggesting to them intimations of the perfect beauty that lies beyond the world.

Poe, who is fond of repeating feminine names, gives to this deceased woman the name Lenore. He then added a symbolical interpretation of his own. The symbolism reveals itself in the last stanza, which Poe wrote first since it is the culmination of the effect he wants to achieve.

From these two premises stem multiple levels of action in the story.

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The criminal, for example, appears obsessed with defending his psychic self at whatever cost, but actually his drive is self-destructive since successful defense upon either implied charge—of murder or of criminal insanity—automatically involves admission of guilt upon the other.

Similar sensory details connect the two men. These two physiological themes- the indefinite expression of subjective time and the psychic merging of killer and killed -are linked closely together in the story.

He thinks that if Madeline, the House, and he himself have a common soul, they will have a common death. Thus, reasons his unbalanced mind, Madeline must be alive too. He cannot tell his friend, however, simply because he cannot yet admit to burying her alive.

Late, under the pressure of extreme terror, he will reveal the deed.

Edgar allan poe research paper conclusion

Poe knows how to use other kinds of realism. Because his mind is whole and his senses keen, he feels sweating terror as he watches the dreadful pendulum descending toward him from the ceiling; if he were in a state of shock, he would be incapable of his subsequent exploration of his cell, following his escape from the pendulum, that leads him to the brink of the pit from which he is snatched back to his rescuers.Edgar Allan Poe Throughout literature, an author"s works almost always reflect their mood and character.

Edgar allan poe research paper conclusion

Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer whose short stories and poems reflected his pessimistic moods. One of Poe"s poems, "The Raven," is about a raven that flies into the home of a sad and lonely man. Essays and criticism on Edgar Allan Poe, including the works “The Fall of the House of Usher”, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”, “The Tell .

The life of Edgar Allan Poe is characterized by various unfortunate events, which influence the themes of his writing: love, lust, and death.

The first and most prominent is the presence of a deceased or dying woman. Nov 06,  · Poe's own life leaves clues to the answer behind that mystery.

conclusion In short, Poe led a troubled life,one almost befitting his own works. However, his legacy of dark fantastical characters, stories, and poems will continue to live on thru the ages.

Edgar Allen Poe has given to american literature a name not to be leslutinsduphoenix.com: Resolved. Edgar Allan Poe is regarded as, among many things, a master of dark fiction. His poems and stories chill the blood, even today. This short essay written on the life of the famous American poet offers great insight into his life and passions.5/5(4).

Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19th, in Boston, Massachusetts ("Poe, Edgar Allan," Encyclopedia Britannica ). Poe's parents were David Poe, an actor based in Baltimore and Elizabeth Arnold Poe, an actress born in England, also based in Baltimore ().

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