Exploration of pastoral and academic support

Pupils at GCSE are expected to devise their own drama pieces, perform a scripted piece for an examiner, study a set text from a list provided by the board and also develop directorial, analytical and evaluative skills.

Exploration of pastoral and academic support

By structuring the Academy in this way we aim to: They work closely with the Head of School.

Pastoral Support – Freebrough Academy

I also work alongside our Attendance officer to resolve attendance issues. I aim to make sure each student gets a positive learning experience at Freebrough.

I also ensure that students are safe and supported when in the academy and I strive to make close links with parents and outside agencies. Bell and our team of form Tutors, to ensure you that all students enjoy, achieve and remain safe while attending the Academy.

I am also the Lead Pastoral Leader. My responsibilities also include promoting the highest standards of attendance and behaviour by working with students, parents, tutors and the Academy Attendance Officer.

My aim is for students to learn in a positive environment, for them to feel safe in the Academy and for their experiences here to be happy ones.

A Pastoral Letter Concerning Migration from the Catholic Bishops of Mexico and the United States

I am also the lead person for the Freebrough Academy Parliament, so I am always on the look out for potential members! Vertical Tutoring Tutor periods are given over largely to mentoring sessions, and tutor groups are organised vertically to include students from each age range.

The vertical mix also helps to develop the social skills which are required to make a positive contribution to the Academy and the wider community.

Exploration of pastoral and academic support

All age groups learn to collaborate effectively, developing team-working and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to relate to different age groups on an equal level, instead of a hierarchy established through same age groupings.

At a later point in the development of the Academy, there will also be further exploration of the potential for vertical learning and teaching.

The key focus of the pastoral system is on the individual, to make sure that everyone is individually supported — socially, emotionally, behaviourally and morally. The system also ensures that challenging targets are set for all, a process which every learner is involved in. The progress of each learner is tracked and monitored against challenging and aspirational targets, by the effective use of data.

Exploration of pastoral and academic support

Learners will strive to achieve the highest attainment and this will be driven by a relentless focus on high quality learning, teaching and assessment.Equality and diversity for academics Pastoral care to the provision of this support, academic staff also have a critical role to play, being best placed to observe behaviour in the learning environment that might indicate that a student is in need of Equality and diversity for academics.

A certain number of work visas should be created to allow laborers to enter the country as legal permanent residents.

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Family ties and work history in the United States are two of the possible factors that should be considered in allocating such visas.

An exploration of undergraduate students’ views on the effectiveness of academic and pastoral support Jo Cahilla*, Jan Bowyera and Sue Murrayb aCentre for Academic Quality Assurance, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK; bSchool of Health and Social Work, Department of Allied Health Professions and Midwifery, University of.

Free Essay: Exploration of pastoral and academic support for the learners Explain the practice used with in your setting to establish the specific pastoral. Pastoral Care System Support Students Education Essay.

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2 UNCG Undergraduate Bulletin 4 Notices Equality of Educational Opportunity The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is com-mitted to equality of educational opportunity and does not.

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