External environmental influences essay

Hire Writer In most organizations today, productivity improvement is essential for long-term success. Through productivity gains, managers can reduce costs, conserve scarce resources, and increase profits. This applies to firms selling products and services in the domestic market, in which foreign competition is increasingly a factor, as well as those with international markets. Labour Market Conditions The labour market is the geographic area from which an organization recruits employees and where individuals seek employment.

External environmental influences essay

In relation to political factors, Air Asia receives support from the Malaysian government as well as Prime Minister Mohammad. However, unsupportive regulations and policies that are imposed by foreign countries where Air Asia operates its business would negatively affect its growth.

Reduction in regulation of the airline industry in South-East Asia also positively contributes to the growth of Air Asia by providing new opportunities for expansion and niche markets.

Economic factors such as conducive investment environment that attracts investors, existence of business partners such as Thai Air Asia and Indonesia Air Asia and high economic growth and development also leads to the success of Air Asia.

External environmental influences essay

Air Asia is also able to growth because it can effectively imitate business External environmental influences essay and strategies form other industry players and developer redesign the strategies to more profitable ventures.

The economy is also favorable for growth and development of a business. For example, Air Asia is able to obtain capital through various means such as through initial public offering IPO Grant The presence of a market segment with unmet or underserved needs also provides an ample opportunity for the growth of Air Asia.

In addition, Air Asia is capable of growing due to the expansion of the low-cost air transport industry which provides new investment opportunities to the company. However, it is also important to note that the presence of competing firms such as Ryanair and Jet Blue in the low-cost carrier industry provides stiff competition to Air Asia.

As a result, the ability of Air Asia to grow is negatively affected. Socio-cultural factors such as the existence of low-income earners who want cheap air transport services also facilitates the growth of Air Asia by providing a ready market for its business. The huge population of approximately million also provides a ready market.

Similarly, Air Asia is able to employ workers with diverse social and cultural backgrounds. This enables the company to comprehensively understand the social and cultural needs of the target market, and consequently be able to provide services that meet the needs of customers.

External environmental influences essay

This leads to continued growth and success of Air Asia. Lastly, technological factors such as availability of appropriate technology like computer reservation systems CRSs and yield management systems YMSs also facilitates the growth of Air Asia by enhancing its ability to provide high quality services at low costs.

Similarly, the availability of interactive media such as Facebook and the internet helps Air Asia to place advertisements about its products more easily, hence facilitating its growth.

Moreover, technological developments such as the CRSs positively impacts operations of the company by enhancing cost reduction strategies, hence facilitating growth. The availability of highly transferable technologies such as YMSs also enables Air Asia to acquire new technologies that are used during provision of services, hence positively contributing to its growth.

These activities are discussed below. Primary Activities Value chain primary activities are those activities carried out by an organization that are directly related to the production, sales and marketing and distribution of goods and services to the customers. In relation to primary activities, Air Asia focuses on value creation to its services by providing safe and reliable air travels, giving the guests an opportunity to choose from a variety of highly customized services and providing services that offer enjoyable flying experience for the customers Grant The company also deploys various marketing strategies and brand development activities such advertising through the internet and increased media coverage to market the low-cost carrier services for the customers.

Air Asia uses various media such as television, print and the internet to market its services.

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The company also ensures maximum press coverage to inform customers about the services on offer Grant The use of the internet, website and call centre to market services also significantly helps Air Asia in reducing operational costs, for instance, by eliminating commissions that would be paid to agents.

Primary activities relating to outbound logistics at Air Asia include use of a single type of aircraft, the Airbuswhich helps in the provision of cheap transport services for the customers. Similarly, the company provides minimal customers services, hence reduces costs. However, non-assignment of seats by Air Asia may be inconveniencing to some customers; hence, this strategy may work against its goals.

The company also offers uncomplicated services thus allowing quick turnaround of planes.The opposing position on this issue through the arguments of Bargh and Chartrand present the notion that the correlation between internal thought processes and external environmental influences creates a form of learned behavior (Bargh & Chartrand, ).

The external environment influences firm as they seek strategic competitiveness and the earning of above-average returns. The external environment is filled with uncertainty.

External Environmental Analysis The external environmental analysis has four parts: scanning, monitoring, forecasting and assessing. External Environment Essay. The Influence Of Internal And External Environment Business Essay Introduction.

This research is conducted on Dick Smith Pakuranga branch an organization in which the research team members found out insufficient use of planning and controlling systems, classical views of ethics and social leslutinsduphoenix.com this is the reason the company is struggling to reach its expected objectives.

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Running head: EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL ENVIRONEMNT External and Internal Environment Analysis Bharti Gupta University of Phoenix External and Internal Environment Analysis: Mayo Clinic The purpose of this paper is to analyze the External and Internal environmental factors of Mayo Clinic (MC).

External Environmental Factors that impacted the Growth of Air Asia Buy custom External Environmental Factors that impacted the Growth of Air Asia essay Various external environmental factors such as political, economic, socio-cultural and technological factors impact the .

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