Female juvenile gangs in hong kong

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Female juvenile gangs in hong kong

Messenger It can sometimes seem like there are gangs everywhere you look. At the Rio Olympics, fears of gang-related violence have resulted in intensive security — much as in London four years ago. In Brussels, gang rivalries are the subject of a new film called Blackwhich paints a picture of multi-ethnic street culture and migrant exclusion.

Yet are all these people talking about the same thing? Having spent large amounts of time with street-based youth on three continents over ten years, the reality is more complex. They are also sufficiently different from one another for it to make little sense to cover them with a single definition of gangs — let alone laws or policies.

Female juvenile gangs in hong kong

Glasgow boys I began my fieldwork in Glasgow volunteering for several years in a youth project in a part of the city with a reputation for being home to gangs. I heard of children incorporating gang identity into their street games, lining up toy soldiers against one another and giving them gang names — just as they would chase one another over the territorial boundary of their neighbourhood gang.

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As they grew up, some would fight over the same boundary or spray gang graffiti. Most grew out of it, though. Where in other cities gangs have gradually developed into more organised criminal operations, the Glasgow equivalent seem to have stayed mostly youthful and unorganised.

It is true that this has not always been the case — the Beehive Boys in the s and the razor gangs of the s come to mind — but these are the exceptions. Some of the same gang names reported in the early 20th century are still around today, and what they represent has not fundamentally changed.

Chicago bound Visiting Chicago for three months inI thought the gang scene would be the same. Glasgow and Chicago are both former second cities founded on heavy industry, with persistent patterns of poverty and structural disadvantage. My time with some local people in a community with high levels of violence in west Chicago blew this out of the water, however.

Sitting on milk crates on a warm autumn afternoon, a man told a story of his son recently being robbed and shot in the back. The boy was dealing drugs on the corner and had been taken for all he had. There had been retaliatory shootings and a war was brewing.

The man was defiant and vicious in his talk of vengeance. In Chicago, the youth groups functioned as a type of institution in severely marginalised communities. They may have started as adolescent groups, but decades of mass imprisonment, the war on drugs, and urban disenfranchisement had seen them develop into something else.

These young people were discussing strategies to improve their chances of getting to university.


During my time in Hong Kong, I also struggled to square the circle of a heavy triad presence and the low levels of street crime — not exactly what those that have seen the likes of Hong Kong triad flick Young and Dangerous might have expected.

Ultimately it seemed linked to the fact that the triads bought into the need for social order. Crime might be part of these activities, but violence would be kept to a minimum to avoid disrupting the community.

On one night, for example, I arrived in an estate in the midst of a skirmish between rival groups. Eventually the dai lo came out and told everyone to go home — and they did.

These experiences demonstrated to me that to understand gangs, it is important to start from ground level and the everyday experiences of young people.

Gangs take numerous forms and local realities should prevail over global stereotypes. All over the world, gangs seem to form as a defensive response to economic disadvantage. Yet they develop different meanings in different cultural environments and are often as different from one another as they are from the stereotypes.

They can be pro-social and community-oriented as well as violent. They are also often a convenient scapegoat, misunderstood and misrepresented, used to justify punitive measures against young people. Push back against it. Ask what it means to young people, and why it matters.Groups of black female thieves are prowling Lockhart Road, Hong Kong’s lively red-light strip, looking for expatriate men to rob, the South China Morning Post reports.

The area’s streets are particularly busy this week, thronged with fans from all over the world attending the city’s famous Rugby Sevens tournament. University of Hong Kong (CityU) in , and has been full professor since and department head since He was awarded the Applied Research Excellence Award and Teaching Excellence Award by CityU.

Before joining the academia, he had been an outreach social worker for 17 years, where he worked with youth gangs and triad societies. As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the majority-minority public schools in Oslo, the following brief account reports the latest statistics on the cultural enrichment of schools in Austria.

Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo.

Female juvenile gangs in hong kong

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The recent female juvenile gang problem has sparked off public concerns in Hong Kong, because they are more rampant in the newly-developed towns such as Tseung Kwan O, Tin Shui Wai and Tai Po.

Comparing with the figures of girls joining gangs by leslutinsduphoenix.com in and by the Federation in , the trend of girls’s participation in gangs is increasing.

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