How to build and load programming

The board is composed of a printed circuit board PCB and electronic parts.

How to build and load programming

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We will consider low-level programming on the example of working at system loading. We will describe what is going after you turn on a computer; how the system is loading.

As the practical example we will consider how you can develop your own boot loader which is actually the first point of the system booting process.

What is Boot Loader Boot loader is a program situated at the first sector of the hard drive; and it is the sector where the boot starts from. BIOS automatically reads all content of the first sector to the memory just after the power is turned on, and jump to it. The first sector is also called Master Boot Record.

Actually it is not obligatory for the first sector of the hard drive to boot something.

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This name has been formed historically because developers used to boot their operating systems with such mechanism. Be ready to go deeper In this section I will tell about knowledge and tools you need to develop your own boot loader and also remind some useful information about system boot.

So what language you should know to develop Boot Loader On the first stage on the computer work the control of hardware is performed mainly by means of BIOS functions known as interrupts. The implementation of interrupts is given only in Assembler — so it is great if you know it at least a little bit.

It makes our task a little simpler. In general even the C knowledge will be enough but then you will have to modify the source code of the examples that I will descried here. The matter is that the code of Java and C languages that is produced after compilation is intermediate. The special virtual machine is used to process it Java Machine for Java, and.

NET for C which transform intermediate code into processor instructions. After that transformation it can be executed. What compiler you need To use mixed code technology you need at least two compilers: There are two modes of processor functioning: Real mode is bit and has some limitations.

Protected mode is bit and is fully used in OS work.


When it starts processor works in bit mode. So to build the program and obtain executable file you will need the compiler and linker of Assembler for bit mode.Go is a tool for managing Go source code. Usage: go [arguments] The commands are: bug start a bug report build compile packages and dependencies clean remove object files and cached files doc show documentation for package or symbol env print Go environment information fix update packages to use new APIs fmt gofmt (reformat) package sources generate generate Go files by .

Using the Rake Build Language. Rake is a build language, similar in purpose to make and ant. Like make and ant it's a Domain Specific Language, unlike those two it's an internal DSL programmed in .

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How to build and load programming

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