Rough guieds readers and their culture consumption

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Rough guieds readers and their culture consumption

Ailes built not just a conservative cable news channel but something like a fourth branch of government; a propaganda arm for the GOP; an organization that determined Republican presidential candidates, sold wars, and decided the issues of the day for 2 million viewers.

Rough guieds readers and their culture consumption

That the place turned out to be rife with grotesque abuses of power has left even its liberal critics stunned. More than two dozen women have come forward to accuse Ailes of sexual harassment, and what they have exposed is both a culture of misogyny and one of corruption and surveillancesmear campaigns and hush moneywith implications reaching far wider than one disturbed man at the top.

It began, of course, with a lawsuit. A year-old former Miss America, she was the archetypal Fox anchor: A memorable Daily Show clip showed Carlson saying she needed to Google the words czar and ignoramus. But television is a deceptive medium.

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Off-camera, Carlson is a Stanford- and Oxford-educated feminist who chafed at the culture of Fox News. When Ailes made harassing comments to her about her legs and suggested she wear tight-fitting outfits after she joined the network inshe tried to ignore him.

Rough guieds readers and their culture consumption

But eventually he pushed her too far. Carlson knew her situation was far from unique: It was common knowledge at Fox that Ailes frequently made inappropriate comments to women in private meetings and asked them to twirl around so he could examine their figures; and there were persistent rumors that Ailes propositioned female employees for sexual favors.

The culture of fear at Fox was such that no one would dare come forward. Ailes was notoriously paranoid and secretive — he built a multiroom security bunker under his home and kept a gun in his Fox office, according to Vanity Fair — and he demanded absolute loyalty from those who worked for him.

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He was known for monitoring employee emails and phone conversations and hiring private investigators. Taking on Ailes was dangerous, but Carlson was determined to fight back. She settled on a simple strategy: She would turn the tables on his surveillance. After more than a year of taping, she had captured numerous incidents of sexual harassment.

Smith had won a sexual-harassment settlement in for a woman who sued former New Jersey acting governor Donald DiFranceso.

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They hoped that with the element of surprise, they would be able to prevent Fox from launching a preemptive suit that forced them into arbitration.

But their timetable was pushed up when, on the afternoon of June 23, Carlson was called into a meeting with Fox general counsel Dianne Brandi and senior executive VP Bill Shine, and fired the day her contract expired. They filed their lawsuit on July 6. Carlson and Smith were well aware that suing Ailes for sexual harassment would be big news in a post-Cosby media culture that had become more sensitive to women claiming harassment; still, they were anxious about going up against such a powerful adversary.

A few hours after the New York report, Ailes held an emergency meeting with longtime friend Rudy Giuliani and lawyer Marc Mukasey at his home in Garrison, New York, according to a high-level Fox source.

Ailes vehemently denied the allegations. As part of his counteroffensive, Ailes rallied Fox News employees to defend him in the press.

Ailes told executives that he was being persecuted by the liberal media and by the Murdoch sons. According to a high-level source inside the company, Ailes complained to 21st Century Fox general counsel Gerson Zweifach that James, whose wife had worked for the Clinton Foundation, was trying to get rid of him in order to help elect Hillary Clinton.

At one point, Ailes threatened to fly to France, where Rupert was vacationing with his wife, Jerry Hall, in an effort to save his job. Perhaps Murdoch told him not to bother, because the trip never happened. The elder Murdoch can be extremely loyal to executives who run his companies, even when they cross the line.

The most famous example of this is Sun editor Rebekah Brooks, whom he kept in the fold after the U. And he had begun to worry less about whether Fox could endure without its creator. In recent years, Ailes had taken extended health leaves from Fox and the ratings held.

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that young readers do not recognize the dystopian aspect of the series or their society’s complicity in perpetuating a culture of consumption, violence, and.

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