Way forward to muslim ummah

Barring a few exceptions, the majority have miserably failed the Ummah. Some may even go to the extent of saying they have "sold" the Ummah. These corrupt leaders wallow in luxury, comfort and idle pursuits, whilst the Ummah bleeds in agony.

Way forward to muslim ummah

Europe has refused to accept Turkey since it is not Christian [18]. The Turkish leadership has remained humiliated as beggars instead of assuming a more dignified and impressive role as the leaders of the Muslim world based on their history, geography, human and material resources [19].

It should be aware of its adversaries.

How We Underdeveloped the Ummah and the Way Forward

But it must not blame them for all its problems because that may lead to total failure since without internal problems adversaries may never succeed [20]. In other words the society must search within itself for its problems.

More importantly it should learn from others because "wisdom is an attribute of the believers they take from whoever". For the society to develop economically it must search for the elements of its culture that promote economic development.

In other words the development strategy must have basis in the culture of the society this will ensure smooth transition. Any attempt to import foreign strategies wholesale will fail as experienced in other societies. History has shown the progress of societies that harmonized their economic strategies with their culture.

Sarkin Musulmi Bello encouraged crafts and urbanization [24]. The emirate authorities pursued the policies recommended by Sarkin Musulmi Bello as indicated in their social welfare provision observed by Clapperton [25] and urbanization policies [26].

And it has been correctly observed that: In the process of thinking big, anything small was bound to be forgotten. These will stimulate economic activity and in the long run lift up the standard of living of most of the people of the state since production will be increased.

There are several provisions in Islamic precepts that encourage economic development. It has also been demonstrated that even in the USphysical factors contribute just over half of all output growth and one scholar "calls the unexplained part the measure of our ignorance".

The unexplained part is the moral factor. Economic development could be reduced to "engendering internal change". From the forgoing there is enough evidence to show that Islam "provides a strong motivation of economic growth".

It is therefore the responsibility of the Muslim elites "to encourage Muslims to regain their past glory, for when they become aware of this, they will make concerted efforts to achieve rapid economic growth" [30].

Way forward to muslim ummah

According to Fetullah Gulen: Thus your attributes are important. A believer is expected to have the finest attributes that will make him successful in this world and if he abandons them he has no one to blame.

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He also observed that: Islam "discourages such growth-inhibiting tendencies as begging, sloth, the waste of time and resources, and extravagance by invoking tendencies favorable to economic growth".

And in the Sunnah it is reported that: These resources are available for the faithful and others as contained in this verse: This is in the mutual interest of all Muslims, which is an important means of achieving social justice.

Some non-Muslims scholars have even asserted that the future belongs to those societies in which the people trust each other and their institutions.

Related Sources The implication of its reestablishment would be nothing short of full and actual liberation of Muslim lands from neo-colonial occupation and the tyranny of secular regimes, along with the abolishing of regressive social norms, Islamically illegitimate political systems and strategically placed artificial borders which prevent our unity as an Ummah and only serve to guarantee our disunity. If we seek to understand the importance of the Khilafah it would suffice to ask the massacred Syrian children, or the violated Kashmiri daughters, or the babies of Faluja, or the widowed Palestinian women and all the oppressed and they will tell us what the Khilafah is to them; that the Khilafah is the difference between dignity, life, and death.
There is a clear and authentic hadith on this, the hadith that says the Muslims would divide into 73 sects. In another narration, he said we should bite the Sunnah with our molar teeth so that it will be difficult to sway from it.
Thanked Times in Posts Way forward for muslim ummah Part 2 Education As the West grew in material wealth, they also grew in military might. They used the new found scientific methodologies not for peace but to build better ships and more destructive weaponry in order to dominate unsuspecting weaker nations.
Killing of Muslims Rohingya in Myanmar Burma ii.

Business flourishes when partners trust each other. This is because among its many attributes the Mosque commands a position of high respect and love, for it signifies the house of God on earth.

For He is exalted in Might, Wise 8:way forward to muslim ummah forward for the Muslim Ummah Current Situation The Muslim World, as its stands today, is characterized by paradoxes and contradictions. We have Muslim nations that are resource rich but economically poor and weak.

However, this way of understanding the concept of Tawhid is in fact the comprehensive understanding that the Messenger of Allah ‘azza wa Jal took from Tawhid, and it is indeed the same understanding that his blessed companions (r.a) took and with it they carried forward the legacy of Islam.

The Muslim World, as its stands today, is characterized by paradoxes and contradictions. We have Muslim nations that are resource rich but economically poor and weak.

Despite the bounty of Allah . Beginners' Course Qur'an and Islamic Other Languages. Love for the Holy Prophet (S): A point of unity and a way forward. The roots and causes of the Islamic Ummah’s decline. Imam Khomeini’s (r.a) role in Islamic Awakening and restoring Muslim dignity so much so that the destiny of the Islamic Ummah and the destiny of Muslim nations of the Middle East region in particular, fell into the.

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