What considerations are relevant when we

Thinking of launching a pop-up restaurant? A brief guide to some of the things to consider before launching a pop-up restaurant There are a lot of considerations to make before setting up a pop-up restaurant. We have listed a few things to take in to account if you are thinking of setting up a temporary catering facility. PKL is able to offer support in this area.

What considerations are relevant when we

The bottom line In most situations, I think that embedded is the better way to go. How to use the cascade: Both apply to windows greater than pixels wide.

If my viewport was pixels wide, for instance, it would meet both the minimum width of pixels and the minimum width of pixels and apply the styles from both media queries.

When you overlap your media queries, the cascade and specificity come into play when determining which rules to use.

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For instance, if I used the same exact media queries containing the same exact CSS, but changed their order so that the min-width: Instead of overlapping your media queries, you can stack or isolate them so that each is mutually exclusive: So neither setup always leads to more or fewer lines of CSS.

Whether you overlap or stack also has an impact on which assets get downloaded in WebKit browsers.


If you have multiple media queries that apply to the same situation such as the px and px media queries both applying to the px viewport example aboveWebKit-based browsers will download all the images in all of them, regardless of whether a later media query overrides one of the images in an earlier one.

This also happens with the styles outside any media queries, by the way. But again, it will download any images outside the media queries too, even if later overridden. Hooray for the cascade! However, if you do happen to have a site that has very different styles in each media query, stacking may be more efficient than overlapping.

You then layer on one or more media queries to form alternate styles for different scenarios. A few caveats, however: In a certain project, it may make the most sense to plan for the desktop design first, but when it comes time to build the media queries, make the mobile styles first.

What considerations are relevant when we

If you make the desktop styles the default and then override some of its assets in a mobile media query, either by setting new background images or setting elements that contain background or foreground images to display: The reverse is true: Update May 23, Tim Kadlec found that nearly all browsers do this when you use display: If the downloading of the unneeded image is problematic in your case, there are a few ways to work around it: You could simply choose to make your default styles neither mobile or desktop—just restrict them to basic text formatting, colors, and the like.

Introduce layout and images only inside media queries. There are a variety of ways to use scripting to control what gets downloaded when. Yes, desktop IE 8 and earlier will also see those mobile styles, but this is an easy to fix with some JavaScript—a much more quick and straightforward process than getting your mobile styles to apply to non-media-query-supporting mobile browsers when you make desktop the default.

Desktop-default has a fair share of merit too, as you can see in its pros list above. Designing mobile-first is a big shift in both your mindset and design process, so sticking to desktop-first might be best on your first foray into creating a site utilizing media queries.

In Chapter 6 of my book Stunning CSS3I take a desktop-default approach, as I think this is an easier way to first learn media queries.

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The default styles are targeted towards a size that most desktop users will see, with styles for both wider and narrower versions layered on. Media queries are used as progressive enhancement, not a requirement.

How to deal with IE 8 and earlier versions: You have a couple options: But the default desktop styles have a much bigger impact in the mobile version of IE used on Windows Phone 7. Luckily you can target it using a conditional comment and feed it your mobile-specific sheet:If you would like to read the other parts in this article series please go to: Active Directory Migration Considerations (Part 2) Active Directory Migration Considerations (Part 3).

Most businesspeople intuitively know that the key to successful marketing is having a marketing plan—a blueprint for action.

However, many companies operate without one, focusing instead on the issues of the moment without committing to a long-term strategy.

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What do we know about egg donation? In the US, oocyte or egg donation has a relatively short history. Egg donation was transformed into a commercial market after when IVF was proven to be successful in producing the first test tube baby, and in , when it became acceptable to use donated eggs to treat age-related infertility. Alternatively Crowd dynamics can be defined as the study of how and where crowds form and move above the critical density of more than one person per square. New product ideas only have a 14% success rate. Ignore these 10 key considerations for a successful product launch at your own risk!

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Active Directory Migration Considerations (Part 1)